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We invite you to complete this survey on where people meet sex partners and where they have sex. We will use what we learn to improve sexual health services and resources. The information you provide will remain anonymous and confidential.

The survey has questions about your personality, how you relate to others, how you find sexual partners and where you have sex, sexually transmitted infections, and a bit more. It will take about 30-45 minutes to complete to survey. During the survey, we will give you a summary of your geo-sexual archetype (i.e., if you are a hoster, house-caller, rover, homebody, traveller, geoflexible or siren), attachment style, and personality so you know more about yourself.

You can complete the survey all at once or answer the survey in stages, meaning if you do not have much time, you can stop and return to finish the survey at a later time. You may refuse to participate by not starting the survey, or stop participating by not answering more questions. We will keep the answers to questions you do complete.

What are the Risks?

We ask questions about sexual partners and related topics, which may bring up uncomfortable feelings depending on your experiences. If you feel upset or other uncomfortable emotions, you can stop, take a break, or continue. We will give you a list of community resources at the end of the survey.

What are the Benefits?

You will learn about your personality, attachment style, and social role in relation to your sexual partners. Your responses will also help improve sexual health services.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Your participation is anonymous and the information you provide will be treated confidentially. Your survey responses are protected by your login and password. Only select members of the research team will have access to survey data. Results of the study will be presented and published in summary form to maintain confidentiality and anonymity. A summary of the research results will be posted on this website.

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    • The Project: Dionne Gesink, 416-978-5869 or
    • The Ethics: Office of Research Ethics, 416-946-3273,